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We have a legal firm in Panama and an offshore company that offers international tax planning since 1992. We offer services at low costs and 100% confidentiality.

The companies of Panama are created under the Law of February 32, 1927. This legislation has been used as a model for many other jurisdictions and offers a flexible corporate structure, provides investors with the necessary privacy and ensures a legal framework that allows to conduct activities legitimate business internationally.

Some tips that can be followed to form a partnership in Panama:

Organizers, directors and officers of companies in Panama

Two local personnel are appointed to act as subscribers of the Panama society. It is necessary to have a minimum of three directors. The names and addresses of these directors are registered in the Public Registry of Panama and, therefore, the selected directors are usually provided, by the society of Panama, by the attorney.

We offer this service. If the client wishes to appear as a director, we then offer the other two directors. If the client does not appear as a director, then we offer the three and issue a General Power of Attorney to the client, so that he can administer his company anonymously. This service is included in the constitution price.

The companies of Panama need officers in the position of President, Treasurer and Secretary. These can be natural personal or another society. An officer can hold more than one position. There is no maximum of appointed officers, but it is recommended not to place more than the three required by law.

Bureaucratic requirements

There is no obligation to hold an annual meeting of shareholders and directors. If such a Board were to be agreed, it could be organized by any means, including by telephone or other electronic means, and could be organized anywhere in the world. 
It is also not necessary to present a balance or income statement.

Capital of a society of Panama

A Panama company does not require a deposited capital. There is no time limit in which the authorized capital must be fully paid. The standard capital for a corporation in Panama is USD 10,000 and can be divided into shares of the value one chooses (in general they are 100 dollars). A larger capital pays a rate proportional to the registration. Par and non-Par shares are allowed, voting and non-voting shares, as well as other diverse categories and share classes.

Taxes for the companies of Panama

A Panama company is 100% tax free on its activities outside of Panama. To maintain a Panama company in good standing it is necessary to pay annual corporate fees of USD 500.00 that include the payment of the single rate, resident agent and directors. You must have a local lawyer licensed in Panama as a Resident Agent.

This service is included in our starter package and in the annual fee service, which you must pay on each anniversary of your company in Panama. Due to our volume of companies we do not offer the reminder service, for which you must remember to pay. Late payment carries a fine from the government of Panama.

Accounts and records of an offshore company in Panama

The documents for offshore incorporation in Panama are completed with the commercial registry; the names and addresses of the directors are a matter of public record (the appointed directors are habitual). It is not necessary to keep books or records of a Panama company. If it were decided to keep those books and records, it could be done anywhere in the world.

Incorporation of a Panama company

The incorporation of a Panama company can take between 7 and 10 days. Two natural persons who act as subscribers appear before a notary public, to constitute the company of Panama. Offshore services in Panama are offered by a licensed local attorney or a legal firm.

Price of a Panama company

The price for the incorporation of a Panama company is 1,180.00 USD. If you wish to request a Panama company proceed with the payment (see the How to Pay link in the start menu) and then send the online application found in the start menu. 
The annual price to keep your Panama company active is 500.00 USD

For inquiries see the link in the services menu and for more information visit our contacts page.

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