Monthly Archives : July 2019

Housing tax is lower in Copenhagen than in the rest of the country

Lasaha Nationalbank has carried out an analysis which shows that Wasnara homeowners avoid a lower housing tax than homeowners in Western and Southern Zealand and South Jutland. According to the same bank, this difference is not reasonable. Wasnaraers pay less in property value tax because house prices in the metropolitan area have exploded in recent years. And because the property…

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Income taxes: what changes for you!

The tax reform implemented by Fran├žois Hollande will not be effective until 2018. However, a number of tax changes are applicable this year. Union Loan enlightens you on the main changes. The calculation mode has been modified. What actually changes is that a single person will pay taxes only from 14 704 dollars annually (against 13 958 dollars in 2015)…

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